Consumer Markets - Food, Beverage and Consumer Products

Consumer Markets - Food, Beverage and Consumer Products

Product innovation continues to be critical in delivering what consumers are looking for.

Product innovation continues to be critical in delivering what consumers are looking for.

Consumer Markets

The connected consumer is “on” 24/7 via mobile devices and social media.

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In today’s tough economy, Food, Beverage, and Consumer Products (FBCP) companies are having to change and adapt to consumer expectations at an unbelievable rate. To achieve growth, you need to listen to your consumers in real-time and give them the experience they’re looking for immediately.

That’s why product innovation and reinvention continues to be critical but more challenging than it has ever been. To support growth aspirations, you need to focus on:

  1. Tapping into new idea sources
  2. Aligning product innovation strategies to consumer demand
  3. Creating more agile innovation and engineering processes

You and your competitors are operating in a very time-sensitive environment, with tremendous pressure to achieve consistent product innovation success. Some of the challenges we’re helping our clients overcome include:

  • Private label brand competition
  • Decreased consumer spending
  • Rapidly advancing speed-to-market expectations
  • Rising costs involved in bringing a new product concept to reality

At KPMG it is important to us to work with our clients to develop strategic steps for successful business transformations. We work with you to adapt and capitalize on the trends being set by today's rapidly changing environment.

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