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KPMG Solvency II Readiness Survey 2012

KPMG Solvency II Readiness Survey 2012

Solvency II – are insurance companies ready?



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At the end of the second and the beginning of the third quarter of 2012, KPMG’s practice in Central and Eastern European (CEE) carried out a survey of insurance companies in the CEE region. The objective of the research was to provide up-to-date information and analysis on the impact of Solvency II implementation on the insurance industry in the markets of CEE to all interested entities and professionals.  

A total of 84 insurance companies from 11 EU and non-EU countries took part in the survey. The respondents covered a broad spectrum of operations representing a realistic cross-section of the CEE insurance markets as a whole.  

We hope that in reading the results you will find the report a useful guide to the current state of play in the region and an insight into how the Solvency II Directive is currently performing. 

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