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Financial Services Tax

Financial Services Tax

Our Financial Services tax team work with financial institutions to develop and execute effective global tax methodologies.

Our FS tax teams, covering banking, funds management & insurance, work with financial...

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, calling on KPMG professionals in complementary areas such as technical accounting and regulatory and risk management. These resources can be tapped on a local, regional, or global basis. KPMG’s powerful internal knowledge sharing systems mean our tax professionals are up to date on all the relevant technical and industry developments, locally and globally. 

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Bahamas: AEOI measures are effective January 2017

The first exchange of information on an automatic basis will be in September 2018

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CRS implementation challenge for financial institutions

Financial institutions prepare for common reporting standard to stem income tax evasion.

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BEPS: Key considerations for real estate funds

This report explores the impact on real estate funds of four of the 15 OECD actions.

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KPMG GloW Track

The GloW Track is a database that offer information on withholding & transaction taxes.

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