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What Works

What Works

A series of thought leadership reports that addresses the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

A series of thought leadership reports that addresses the world’s most pressing...

The need for change in healthcare is well understood. There is also an increasing consensus about what needs to be done to address these challenges:

  • a focus on quality, safety, controlling costs and improving population health
  • a move from the emphasis being on the volume of treatment toward ensuring high-value care
  • activist payers working with patients and providers to reshape the system
  • the development of new models of delivery including increasing convergence between healthcare payers, providers and the life sciences industry
  • reaching out to patients and communities in new ways.

The question is how to make these changes happen. The What Works series of reports looks at each of these issues. For more information, please contact your national partner, see the back cover of the report, or email: healthcare@kpmg.com.

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What Works - Partnerships, networks and alliances

Partnerships, networks and alliances are now essential to realizing cost-effective, high-quality and sustainable healthcare.

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What Works: Paths to population health

Healthcare providers must reshape themselves by focusing on the needs of patients in a coordinated way.

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What Works: Creating new value with patients, carers and communities

Globally some parts of healthcare are beginning to make the changes that will...

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What Works: As strong as the weakest link

Health systems that have a clear vision of value can achieve significant improvements in patient care at lower cost.