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Junior Achievement Bahamas

Junior Achievement Bahamas

JA is dedicated to fostering youth innovation, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, college and work preparedness.

Junior Achievement is the leading youth development organization in The Bahamas.

Junior Achievement ("JA") is a non-profit economic educational program for high school students in grades 10 - 12. It teaches teenagers the basic principles of starting a business and operating it under the guidance of adult volunteers from the business community.

KPMG in The Bahamas has been a corporate sponsor of the program for 30 years and provides volunteer advisors for a group of achievers by counseling a JA Company.

 We are required to provide at least one adult volunteer advisor in each of the following areas to oversee the record keeping and provide general instructions for our company: 

  • Finance
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Education & Compliance
  • Public Relations
  • Executive/Presidency 

Teaching students business operations is not the only information transferred. One of our core values is to be committed to our communities, and as such we aim to teach students about the importance of safeguarding the communities around them. Through the JA program we have been able to complete several community projects that have enriched the lives of our students and our volunteer advisors.