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Support to the Companies

Support to the Companies

The Global Trade and Special Customs Regimes Excellence Center seeks to offer a consolidated and complete service package related to foreign trade.

The Global Trade and Special Customs Regimes Excellence Center seeks to offer ...

The GTEC (Global Trade and Special Customs Regimes Excellence Center),
given the new Brazilian foreign trade scenario, seeks to consolidate and offer to its clients a complete package of foreign trade services and solutions. We aim at minimizing exposure to risks in a simple, accessible and fast manner, helping companies to design a solid compliance program and seeking to improve financial results and the efficiency of foreign trade transactions.  

We are dedicate to design start-up transactions, establish the best practices and the most appropriate models for each transaction, dealing and improving processes that are already going on, identifying improvement opportunities and indicating adjustments in the processes, using for such automation and control tools adapted to the reality of our clients. We also provide remote or in-house support to and ensure compliance with ongoing transactions.

GTEC offers several types of support to companies:

  • Tax Classifier - tax classification services.
  • Operational Design and Strategy - foreign trade operational design and planning services for companies acting on foreign trade operations.
  • Process review and Gap Analysis - foreign trade transactions review services.
  • Business Process Automation - implementation of technological tools for automation and optimization of foreign trade transactions.
  • On Going Process Support - support for ongoing foreign trade transactions.
  • Return on Investment Analysis for Special Trade Programs – feasibility analysis of special customs implementation services.
  • Special Trade Program Future State Design - planning and operational design services under special customs regimes.
  • Special Trade Program Qualification Support - support to applications and qualification for special customs regimes.
  • Special Trade Programs Compliance Review - operational review for special customs regimes compliance.
  • Special Trade Program Operational Implementation - operational implementation for special customs regimes
  • Special Trade Programs on Going Compliance Support - operational support to special customs regimes.
  • Special Trade Programs Internal Audit - preventive auditing services for special customs regimes operations.
  • Special Trade Program Termination - support for the termination of special customs regimes operations.

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