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Aligned with the National Export Plan, RECOF-SPED is a special regime that simplifies and expands the possibilities already offered by RECOF.

Aligned with the National Export Plan, RECOF-SPED is a special regime that...

Aligned with the National Export Plan, RECOF-SPED (Special Customs Regime of Industrial Warehouse under control of the Public System of Digital Bookkeeping ) is a special regime that simplifies and expands the possibilities already offered by RECOF, allowing the beneficiary to import or to acquire in the local market, raw materials, parts and components  on which taxes are suspended. Part of these goods must be applied on industrial processes, and it subsequently can be shipped both to domestic and foreign markets. When exporting the finished good, the company exempts the payment of taxes.

Among other benefits granted by the regime, there are:

  • Import or purchase in the local market, raw materials, parts and components on which taxes are suspended.
  • Tax exemption on exports.
  • Cash flow gains when the product is sold in the domestic market. Taxes are suspended until the 15th day of the month after that of the sale.
  • Reduction in storage fees charged by INFRAERO (Brazil's Civil Aviation Authority).
  • Suspension of the AFRMM (Contribution for Renovation of the Merchant Fleet).

Requirements to qualify for the regime:

  • Fulfill the obligations to submit the Digital Tax Bookkeeping (EFD) files.
  • Tax compliance.
  • Companies can apply if engaged in : (1) assembling; (2) transforming, processing; and (3) packing and repacking products. 

Commitments made by the beneficiary to remain under the regime:

  • Export manufactured goods with the minimum annual value of 80% of total goods imported and acquired  under the regime, in the minimum amount of US$5 million (and the percentage is reduced to 50% in the first year of use).
  • Annually process at least 80% of foreign merchandise admitted under the regime, and the index is reduced to 70% for products manufactured for the local market.

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