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Special Customs Regimes

Special Customs Regimes

Special Customs Regimes offer a different customs control treatment for both imports and exports.

Special Customs Regimes offer a different customs control treatment for both...

Special Customs Regimes are trade instruments developed by the government and by the agencies that regulate Brazilian foreign trade whereby companies enjoy tax, logistical and customs benefits. Special Regimes serve several business niches and segments by offering a set of tools ranging from the suspension of taxes, prioritization of customs processes and access to subsidies and finance.  

Special Customs Regimes have been developed since the 1960s, and have become one of the main tools used by companies directly involved in the export of manufactured and processed goods that seek to expand their operations in global markets. The existence of several regimes and modalities offers heavy industry or consumer goods companies the possibility of finding a regime that meets their needs and allow them to innovate and increase exports.

Special Regimes have been playing an increasingly more important role in Brazil's foreign trade due to the preparation of the National Exports Plan and to the growing awareness by the business community that foreign markets can be a route for expanding their businesses when entering new markets. Therefore, understanding this new phase of Brazil's trade industry, the Federal Revenue Service is working to modernize customs regimes and controls, introducing new regimes, such as the RECOF-SPED, and programs for improving logistical processes, such as the Authorized Economic Operator scheme.  

In line with this new trend of strengthening and expanding foreign trade, GTEC (Global Trade and Special Customs Regimes Excellence Center) seeks to offer the advantages and characteristics of Brazil's main customs regimes in an enlightening manner, so as to offer client companies detailed advice on special regimes. 

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