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Global Trade Excellence Center

Global Trade Excellence Center

We help companies to overcome challenges and gain competitive advantage in international markets

We help companies to overcome challenges

GTEC, KPMG's Global Trade and Special Customs Regimes Excellence Center, offers expert services on foreign trade and special customs regimes, supporting companies to overcome challenges and gain greater competitive advantage in international markets. GTEC is KPMG's business unit dedicated to structure, develop, support and improve foreign trade transactions and operations. It focuses on serving medium and large sized companies, helping them to maximize financial gains and operational efficiency in the customs area.

We offer companies the most complete set of foreign trade and Special Customs Regimes solutions, serving our clients and always providing them with quality and satisfaction. Relying on our knowledge and skills, we want to be recognized as the best, most complete and most reliable providers of foreign trade solutions and services, and become the main business option for our clients.  

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