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KPMG has a broad knowledge and an extensive experience in working with startups ecosystem.

KPMG has a broad knowledge and an extensive experience in working with startups ecosystem.

All companies have a business cycle — from a start-up to a consolidated company — and each stage has its own set of opportunities and challenges. KPMG's professionals in Brazil understand what is necessary for your company to be successful at each stage of your business activities.

We focus our attention and our efforts on companies such as yours. That is what we do. If you are an entrepreneur that intends to set up your own business, whether a fast-growing innovative start-up or a consolidated company that seeks to terminate a business activity, we know what is important in each situation and we can help you to understand the challenges and to deal with them – regardless of the size of your company or its development stage.

KPMG Innovative Start-ups has wide knowledge and experience to work in the start-up ecosystem. KPMG professionals understand the complex challenges faced by startup and fast-growing companies and can help them both to understand each development stage and to manage each stage, from business inception to termination. Then you look forward to the day in which you will fulfill your purpose. Regardless of what this purpose is – setting up your company's operations, raising capital, expanding abroad or simply complying with regulatory requirements – we can help you achieve it.  We are here to help you throughout the life cycle of your business, from conception to implementation.

KPMG in Brazil and the global network for innovative start-ups actively participate in the local business environment. Our clients collaborate with a global network of dedicated KPMG professionals who understand the market challenges faced by start-ups and by fast-growing companies. Our commitment and focus keep up with the pace of the companies that we serve, which are entrepreneurial, practical, proactive, visionary and dedicated. Your company has access to KPMG's global resources through a single focal point, a trustworthy professional dedicated to your company. It's a local touch with a global reach.

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