Mergers & Acquisitions 2015 - 2nd semester | KPMG | BR

Mergers & Acquisitions 2015 - 2nd semester

Mergers & Acquisitions 2015 - 2nd semester

Mergers and Acquisitions Research, done quarterly by KPMG in Brazil, with different information such as transaction ranking by sector, geographical transaction distribution, share of main country investors in cross border transactions, annual evolution per number of transactions made previously and other comparisons.


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Mergers & Acquisitions 2015 - 2nd semester

Number of Brazilian companies buying foreign companies is near record.
Now, considering the decline in domestic transactions, mergers and acquisitions have the lowest result in the last five years.CB2 transactions, in which Brazilian capital firms buy foreign companies established abroad, were the highlight of 2015 – up to 65 of such operations were concluded, a number that is just a transaction below the record set in 2007.
This movement has been strengthened since the last quarter of 2014. Well-structured national companies are seeking internationalization and finding in that niche a way to maintain good results, since the domestic market is not so hot.
The majority ofsuch type of operation was performed by the Food, Beverages and Tobacco sector, witha total of 19 transactions, nearly the double of the second place, which was Information Technology.

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