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Information Risk management

Information Risk management

Improving operational excellence is crucial to achieving competitive edge and delivering above average shareholder value.

Improving operational excellence is crucial to achieving competitive edge and delivering..

The race is on to provide increased levels of customer service, to reduce operational costs and to help enhance assurance that processes are working effectively. At KPMG we understand the need to keep pace with technology and take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology innovations.

KPMG's IT Advisory practice focuses on the risks inherent in the technology systems used to support our clients business objectives. KPMG’s IT Advisory services are designed to help your organization achieve its potential by focusing on delivering of potential project benefits, management of business processes, governance of enabling information systems and security of information. 


Some key points for your business:

  • Projects are the predominate vehicle for delivering the change and business improvements required to create competitive edge and enhance shareholder value. Therefore, the importance of improving project delivery performance cannot be underestimated;
  • Effective management and control of business processes increases financial performance and allows rapid response to changes in the marketplace;
  • The governance of Information Technology (IT) environments and the significant costs associated with IT can be a mystery to those who are not directly involved. Yet the impact of getting it wrong can have a major, sometimes crippling impact on organizations;
  • Organizations need to protect their business systems infrastructure, proprietary and confidential data and their critical assets from compromise.

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