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KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname announces new chairman

KPMG DC&S announces new chairman

Willemstad – Raymond Begina has been appointed as the new chairman of KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname (KPMG DC&S) as of July 15, 2015. Raymond Begina is a very experienced leader with a broad background in the consultancy sector. He has ample experience in the St. Maarten market where he is leading various strategic projects for more than 20 years.


Senior Commerce Manager

KPMG in Curaçao


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Currently, Begina is Advisory Services Partner at KPMG DC&S and also responsible for commercial affairs. In St. Maarten, Begina was the director of the team responsible for rebuilding St. Maarten after hurricane Luis. 



After a nomination term of 5 years, Lindomar Scoop, chairman and also Audit Partner, is stepping down as chairman of KPMG DC&S. "I am convinced that this position has to be filled by one person for only a specific period, to give a chance for innovation, new developments and new insights. Despite the challenging international economy that has also negatively influenced our islands since 2009, KPMG has maintained its leading position in the various markets. In the last few years we have introduced new products and services including KPMG Technology Services; a sign that we evolve with the market and that we innovate. With our offices in Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Cuba and Suriname, we are the only accountancy firm that operates in so many promising markets in this region", said Scoop. Besides continuing in his role as Audit Partner, Lindomar will also stay in contact with KPMG international and focus on the corporate clients of KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean, Suriname and Cuba


Client focus 

Raymond Begina is specialized in the area of process management and strategy. He knows the profession like no other and is known for many years for his client focus, personal approach and strategic value in supervising large, and complex consulting projects. Begina has been with KPMG Consulting on Curaçao and St. Maarten since 1995. Since 20 years Begina has been working in the Dutch Caribbean Islands where he leads various strategic projects. After the reorganization that KPMG underwent in 2000, Begina worked for KPMG in the USA and South America, in addition to the DC region, as an active consulting Partner specialized in the public sector. Begina has also worked on various projects with Dutch colleagues in the Dutch public sector. 

Lindomar Scoop: "I want to sincerely congratulate Raymond Begina with his new position. With his broad strategic knowledge and experience within the KPMG network and the markets that we operate in, I am convinced that, together with our great team, we will keep building our firm for further growth and development". 

Raymond Begina is enthusiastic about his new role. "I know KPMG DC&S very well in all aspects and am very proud to be taking over this challenging role for the upcoming years from my colleague Lindomar Scoop. In the past years during the somewhat "bitter economic period" he has done more than a fantastic and admirable job. Together with my team we will keep building on the strong foundation. Our priorities for the upcoming years are clear: 1. KPMG DC&S will be "the greatest place to work". 2. Every KPMG DC&S client will experience tangible added value and a personal touch in the execution of our assignments. 3. KPMG DC&S will become # 1 in the markets of the Dutch Caribbean, Suriname and Cuba. 

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