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KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname expands management team with three directors

KPMG DC&S introduces three new directors

KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname is expanding its management team with three directors Jason Nisbet, Hans Vissers and Guy de Esch. In our region, KPMG DC&S is one of the largest firms in the field of Audit and Advisory services.


Senior Commerce Manager

KPMG in Curaçao


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Introducing Jason, Hans, and Guy as the three new directors.

About Jason Nisbet

Jason Nisbet started his career in the private sector in the Netherlands, after which he successfully completed his studies Policy- and Organizational sciences. In 1998, Jason returned to Curaçao, where he has since worked in the public sector (Island Territory of Curacao and Country of Curaçao thereafter). During this time, Jason was responsible for several complex projects in the field of transformation of public administration in 2010.

Jason specialized in consultancy in the areas of visioning, organizational policy and advice and training on various strategic projects. During the political path, when the blue print of Country Curaçao was being set up, Jason coordinated the visionary trajectories of Pais Kòrsou, such as culture, "nation building" and other developments. Prior to Jason continued his career at KPMG, he served for three years as Director of the Immigration Service of Curaçao. There he was responsible for an important change project for this service.

From the moment Jason started working in 2012 at KPMG, he was responsible for the advisory portfolio of strategic change projects in the field of organizational structures and HR at various clients in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname region.


About Hans Vissers

Hans Vissers, born and raised in Curaçao, went to the Netherlands to study after finishing the Peter Stuyvesant College in 1985. In the Netherlands, he graduated from the NIvRA / Nyenrode as a Chartered Accountant (RA) and with a Masters of Information Management. Hans also graduated as a Chartered Tax Adviser (RB).

In the function combination of RA and RB Hans has over 20 years of experience in the field of auditing and financial management services for clients in both the private as public sectors in the Netherlands.

In 2012 Hans returned to his native island. In that year, he started at KPMG. At KPMG Hans has been involved with, among other things, various audits for both the public and private sector, and has also guided the estate separation process due to the termination of the former Netherlands Antilles.

1,5 years ago, Hans became responsible for the KPMG division "Accounting & Advisory Services". This division focuses on offering financial management services, outsourcing and business support for small- medium and large enterprises in both the private-and public sector.  Privately, Hans volunteers passionately and is deeply involved in projects to improve the welfare of elderly and creating a better living environment in Curaçao.


About Guy de Esch

Guy de Esch has his roots in Maastricht and surroundings. Here he completed his H.E.A.O. International Business Administration, after which he started his professional career as an assistant accountant in Maastricht in 1997. Next to his work, he completed his study of Chartered Accountant successfully at the NIvRA / Nyenrode. He has over 15 years’ experience and specialized, in addition to financial audits, in rightfulness (“rechtmatigheid”) investigations, grant audits, corporate governance, risk management and compliance audits for government, foundations and private clients.

December 2012, Guy chose to go work for KPMG St. Maarten and along with his wife and two children emigrated to St. Maarten. Here he is active in the local market with both audit and consultancy work for a wide range of KPMG customers. Guy's approach is characterized by his personal touch and 'adding value' for its customers. Since June 2014 Guy assumed the role of office leader of the KPMG office in St. Maarten.

KPMG wishes Guy, Hans and Jason every success in their new positions. KPMG is confident that all three directors will serve their clients with complete satisfaction.


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