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KPMG St. Maarten: B2B session with Diana Monissen

KPMG SXM: B2B session with Diana Monissen

On Wednesday, March 12th, KPMG in St. Maarten organized a B2B event at Divi Little Bay Beach resort with guest speaker Diana Monissen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Friesland care insurer in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Mrs. Monissen is visiting St. Maarten this week on invitation of KPMG. KPMG organizes these types of events on a regular basis, based on its commitment to KPMG’s thought leadership. KPMG wants to share its knowledge and network as much as possible with the local business community of St Maarten.


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“Providing Quality Care, Together”

Diana Monissen, Chairman of the “Friesland” insurance company; “Only by working together with patients and other partners in the healthcare industry, we can provide quality care that is “future-proof” and that will also remain affordable”. This was one of the statements made by Monissen during the B2B session held by KPMG. Monissen was invited by KPMG to visit St. Maarten to share her vision about the changing role of the insurer in the healthcare industry, where increasing costs constrains the sector more and more. With this debate KPMG aims to contribute to the future of the healthcare landscape of St. Maarten.


Health insurer as leader

General practitioners together with specialists, hospitals, government, health insurers and patients, are those who determine the level of quality of (health)care. The patient should always be in the center of attention. ’De Friesland‘ insurer has taken an interesting role upon themselves, in which it mobilizes the main partners and stakeholders within the care industry and manages them to commit to making choices. The health insurer’s responsibility goes further than financing healthcare only, says Mrs. Monissen. ’De Friesland‘ has created a vision to re-design the healthcare industry in its region. A leading aspect taking part in this vision is that the definition of healthcare is all about the quality of life. This includes not only the delivery of healthcare itself, but focuses also on the entire healthcare system.


The client as a partner, as a priority

“Quality first, client as partner, community as anchor.”

“To fulfill the island’s needs, a robust and visionary organization that is willing to take the lead is of essence”. Within a period of 4.5 years Mrs. Monissen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has introduced, a radical change process within “De Friesland” insurer. From a typical bureaucratic and reactive organization, Monissen redesigned the insurance company into amodern "entrepreneurial insurer", who proactively responds to the changing needs of its clients. An insurer that looks beyond the problems of today, and focuses on how to solve tomorrow’s problems. “As a health care provider with a large local market share, you also have a community role to play”. For instance in the field of prevention; ”De Friesland enrolled a sports program on primary schools, to promote physical education for students in collaboration with schools and sports organizations”. This is just an example of how a health insurer can plan its marketing budget differently, by organizing programs that result in prevention of diseases, reducing long-term healthcare costs and at the same time retaining clients.


Quality choices based on data

One of the most important lessons learned that Diana Monissen expressed during the KPMG B2B, was the importance of reliable information. Without data insights on demography, client demand, quality and care costs, good choices cannot be made. “The insurer is the preeminent player in care that has a large amount of important data”. Monissen showed the degree of variation between the general practitioners in Friesland and the consequences this has on the healthcare system. It appears that expensive care does not necessarily mean good quality of care. It is of the essence that this information is not used to put the healthcare providers on a “black list”, but to carry a dialogue on how to optimize care and what the conditions are.


What does this mean for our island?

The problems in the healthcare system of St. Maarten are in many aspects similar to the problems in the Netherlands and other countries: increasing healthcare costs, the increase in chronic diseases, an aging population and limited resources. These are similar challenges we face in this sector. How can we bring the necessary changes to our island, so that we can also guarantee affordable and good quality care? The discussions held during the KPMG B2B session provided enough ingredients for St. Maarten in order to develop a shared, long-term vision of care. Monissen’s message was clear: “Collaboration between partners in healthcare is the precondition for St. Maarten to achieve the quality of care for tomorrow. The dialogue should be conducted on the basis of accurate data, where ICT is the “enabler”. Through this, clients, patients and all the partners will be able to make the right choices for quality healthcare of tomorrow”.


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