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Cyber Security Benchmark 2017

Cyber Security Benchmark 2017

At KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname we believe that Cyber Security is of serious concern for companies hence the disclosure of cyber security efforts needs to be incorporated in the annual reports. However, the results depicted in the digital magazine shown via the included link below indicate the contrary. Due to increasing cyber security threats all over the world, improving awareness should drive local organizations to have cyber security as a main governance item on the boardroom agenda.


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Investors, governments, and global regulators are increasingly challenging board members to actively demonstrate diligence in the area of cyber security. However KPMG research shows only 26% of the companies surveyed pay insufficient attention to cyber security. Taking recent cyber attacks into consideration, you may wonder if this outcome is comforting stakeholders. 

We compared the current state of cyber security risk reporting based on
800 annual reports in 28 countries. This digital magazine will give you an
overview of the following topics: 

  • Responsibility assumed at boardroom level for cyber security risks
  • Differences between regions, a comparison of different industries
  • The cyber security topics that are discussed in the annual reports


Of course these are challenging times with rapid technological developments which may influence organisations vulnerability. That is why we believe that the first place to address cyber risks is in the board room.


Please click here to view our Cyber Security 2017 Benchmark results.

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