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Innovating at KPMG

Innovating at KPMG

We can help organizations make better and faster decisions.

We can help organizations make better and faster decisions.

We help organizations make better and faster decisions that deliver value.

Expanding our ability to develop the knowledge and innovative solutions necessary for delivering insight-rich D&A services is one of our foremost strategic priorities. As technology evolves rapidly, we continually scale the resources, technology and IP know-how required to build foundational platforms and innovative solutions that leverage our deep domain knowledge and enable us to deliver customized solutions for each client.

Across industries, we are helping companies solve their business problems, make better and more meaningful business decisions quickly, and create competitive advantage as they turn data into insights into value.

Moving fast to meet clients' needs

Through KPMG Capital, the investment arm of the global KPMG network, we are enabling the next wave of disruption and innovation to foster great ideas that help companies succeed. Our investments accelerate and commercialize innovative software solutions that leverage our core strengths and help create competitive advantage for KPMG member firms’ clients. KPMG Capital is investing in companies that live on the leading edge of innovation, including those listed here:

KPMG Capital investments

Bottlenose offers real-time trend intelligence technology to detect significant trends and finds opportunities and threats in real time. Through use of this technology, KPMG can help clients decode significant events and the links between them to reveal the hidden story, monitor threats to their brand and security, seize breaking news to create market advantage and make informed decisions.

Astrus, KPMG’s legacy proprietary solution, has been transformed by KPMG Capital’s investment into a scalable, cutting-edge analytical platform to address the new and evolving risks of working with third-party organizations. Astrus Third Party Due Diligence and Astrus Monitoring helps merge the power of D&A with the value of global information to help organizations manage their third-party risk.

Customer Compass provides a customer experience management platform that connects a customer’s interactions with an entity across multichannel touch-points to help clients in service-based sectors drive profitable revenue growth by better understanding and segmenting customers to optimize sales and retention. By combining KPMG’s methodology for customer journey analytics with Customer Compass technology, KPMG firms can offer a 360-degree view of the customer experience and offer insights unavailable through traditional business intelligence models.

Financial Microscope is a groundbreaking financial evaluation tool that analyzes reported profit-and-loss and balance sheet accounts to provide predictive insights – not only analyzing individual company data, but also accounts across an entire market segment. It enables clients to look one or two years ahead to identify risks and make strategic decisions.

Label Insight is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) data solutions that provide powerful insights and strengthen the connections between Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands, retailers and consumers. Label Insight can deliver actionable insights for KPMG firms' CPG clients on a broad set of relevant risk, cost and growth issues, such as meeting consumer demand for product transparency, customizing inventory, enhancing customer loyalty with new health and wellness initiatives, and streamlining regulation and compliance.

Strategic partnerships and alliances

To realize our vision for KPMG in the D&A space, we are capitalizing on alliances with industry leaders, such as Microsoft and IBM, to extend our technological abilities.

KPMG has entered into a multi-tiered alliance with IBM that includes software, services, and the application of Watson cognitive computing technology to KPMG member firms' professional services offerings. Cognitive technologies are transforming our ability to deliver innovative and enhanced business services. Adding cognitive technology’s massive data analysis and innovative learning capabilities to our robust methodologies and processes has the potential to advance traditional views on how talent, time, capital and other resources are deployed by our professional services organization.

KPMG expanded its strategic relationship with Microsoft into a global alliance to jointly deliver new suites of innovative solutions and services, including D&A, to help transform clients’ businesses. With Microsoft’s Azure, Dynamics and analytics platforms, the alliance enables KPMG member firms to work together with Microsoft to develop and deploy solutions and services that accelerate growth in a trusted cloud environment. Clients can derive increased performance and productivity with KPMG’s Data & Analytics (D&A) solution, built on the core D&A platform based on Azure to address clients’ most critical P&L issues in risk, cost and growth.

The UK firm established a partnership with the McLaren Group to apply McLaren Applied Technologies’ predictive analytics and technology to a range of KPMG client issues.

In partnership with Imperial College London, KPMG in the UK created the KPMG Center for Advanced Business Analytics. The Center will develop innovative approaches, analytic methods and tools for using Big Data.


KPMG pursues acquisitions to expand into strategic domains.

The US firm acquired Link Analytics, a company that specializes in developing scalable business analytics applications.

KPMG in Australia acquired social media intelligence company SR7 enhance its digital consulting services in such areas as social media risk and mitigation.

The US firm acquired Cynergy, a mobility services business and a leading digital experience company specializing in digital experiences across mobile, web and desktop. This acquisition advances KPMG firms' abilities to help businesses integrate digital and mobile technologies across their enterprises, while enhancing customer and employee engagement.

KPMG Global Innovation Hubs

To make sense of the disruptive forces facing industries and provide clients with a differentiated point of view, we seek to stimulate continued innovation in D&A. We are constantly looking to apply better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market demands, and to help in that quest, established the KPMG Insights Centers and Insights Labs.

Our KPMG Insights Centers are collaborative next-generation working environments that enable clients to interact directly with their data and see solutions come to life in ways they never imagined. KPMG firms are able to demonstrate to clients what’s possible with D&A and how our deep business knowledge and approach to D&A can help them address their most critical risk, performance and growth concerns. KPMG Insights Centers are currently located in Frankfurt, London, Paris and Hong Kong, with locations planned for New York, Sydney and Melbourne.

KPMG Insights Labs, located in the US, UK and India, are virtual research and development centers where data scientists experiment with D&A applications, incubate ideas and create proofs of concept while developing consistent technology for use across geographies and functions.

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