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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have a selection of answers prepared on the FAQ page that you might find it helpfull.

Do you have questions? We have a selection of answers prepared on the FAQ page...

About KPMG

Q: What services does KPMG provide?
KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname provides Audit and Advisory services, please click here

Q: How many departments are there within the KPMG Dutch Caribbean & Suriname organization? Besides our Audit and Advisory Department, KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname has the following departments:

  • Facilities
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information & Technology Services
  • Marketing Communications & Sales
  • Risk Management
  • Legal 

Q: What’s the history of KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname?
For detailed history of both KPMG International and KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname, please click here.

How to apply

Q: Where can I find current vacancies?
Current vacancies can be found on our Vacancies Page

Q: The vacancy post date is outdated. Can I still apply?
Yes. The post date is irrelevant. Even though a vacancy has been posted a while back you can still apply. We are always looking for qualified candidates. 

Q: What does the selection process involve?
It can vary depending on the job you’ve applied for. Most candidates will go through a three or four-stage process. This can include an interview with a Partner and/or Director and Human Resources. 

Q: I want to apply for a summer job? Is this possible?
Yes. You can apply by sending your resume to

Intern & Internship

Q: I am an international student. Is a visa/work permit needed in order to do an internship within KPMG Dutch Caribbean & Suriname? 
Yes. If you are an international student a visa/work permit is usually needed. Please note that 3 to 4 months of time is needed to process a work permit application. For further information on permits please contact us via our recruitment email;

Q: How long are the internship periods?
Internship periods can vary from 3 months up to 6 months. Longer internship periods are open for discussion. 

Q: Will I be guided throughout my internship period?
Yes. On the first day all interns are appointed a Performance Manager, who guides you throughout your internship period. Click here to read about Work @KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname. 

Q: Will I receive an internship wage?
Yes. Every intern receives a monthly internship wage. 

Q: Once I start my internship, will I receive a laptop?
Yes. A workspace and laptop will be provided to you from the first to the last day of your internship.

General questions

Q: What are the minimum academic requirements to start at KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname?
Please visit our Qualifications Page where you can find detailed information on the necessary educational background to join our Audit and Advisory Department. 

Q: What is the dress code within KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname?
The dress code within KPMG is Business Attire.

  • No slippers, athletic shoes, (sports) sandals or hiking boots are allowed.
  • For men: long sleeves shirt, trousers, socks and dress shoes, tie (mandatory for client facing professionals). No visible piercings allowed.
  • For women: skirts of a reasonable length, trousers, moderate splits are allowed. No mini skirt, spaghetti straps, open backs, low cut or other revealing clothing is allowed. No visible piercings allowed, with exception of earrings.


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