Winning in a transformed marketplace: A playbook for LNG businesses

A playbook for LNG businesses

LNG markets are going through significant change in the form of increased customer focus.

LNG markets are going through significant change in the form of increased customer focus.

The LNG industry is witnessing a big shift towards buyer power fuelled by the following converging and compounding forces.

  • Supply competition from diverse sources and very different supply options.
  • Market and portfolio evolution in options, hedging and tradeable indices.
  • Destination flexibility in contracts and in more adaptable regasification.
  • Demand drivers and dynamics in positioning of gas versus other energy sources.

These changes are reorienting the industry around customer value and the role of gas in an affordable, reliable and lower carbon energy system.

Substantial, lasting changes in the LNG market are radicalizing traditional ways of working. Businesses need to respond swiftly and decisively.


Those that take proactive steps to mitigate risks as well as exploit opportunities in the changing market will thrive, while others face the risk of losing significant market share and value.

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