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Mishéal Hughes

Meet Mishéal - 2017 Summer intern.

Meet Mishéal - 2017 Summer intern.

2017 Summer intern

I have recently begun my sophomore year at Southern University in Tennessee, where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing. The summer before my freshman year, I was able to attend KPMG’s annual K-Nect event where I met and interacted with various KPMG staff and learned about all of the skill-building opportunities KPMG had to offer, including the student internship program. With so many different directions available to go within the financial services, it’s a task on its own to decide which specific department you’d be most interested in. Being invited to participate in the 2017 internship program helped me to explore my interests, opening my eyes to the way teams and departments work together, and the typical tasks of each. 

This summer I was privileged to work in the Markets department, as well as working on a project with the Central Support Services. My introduction to the Markets department came at the perfect time, as KPMG had a very exciting summer ahead sponsoring Team BDA in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. I was able to see firsthand some of the things that went into the organization of events and such related to this new sponsorship. Each member of the Markets team took a turn in demonstrating and teaching me the depth of the department’s hand in connecting KBDA with KPMG global, effective internal and external communication including social media, and compliant branding. They also gave direction and advice to me as I worked alongside the other interns to plan and execute the 2017 K-Nect Networking event, an event that I had attended as a guest in 2016. With a team full of great ideas, we were able to produce the K-Nect @ the CirKus event, where many outstanding youths were able to learn about the opportunities that KPMG has instore for them. Planning this event really gave me a chance to spend time with the other interns, getting to know them, and creating something that we could all be proud of.

Another part of my time at KPMG was spent working on a data project in the Central Support Services. I enjoyed learning about the data systems and the importance of client information. While working on this project, myself and another intern were able to meet with many of the KPMG staff from all different departments. This allowed me to get to know more people in the firm, and learn from them as well. Working in small team under direct leadership allowed us to get almost one-on-one instruction, learning more in one summer than I ever expected. 

My advice to other students who may be thinking about participating in an internship is to go for it. KPMG is especially dedicated to helping its student’s to be well rounded with Lunch and Learn workshops on professional skills, charity work to show the importance of philanthropy, and assigned mentors to foster personalized learning experiences. You become a real KPMG employee with relevant and important work assigned to you. If you want valuable exposure to the professional world or the financial services industry, and a mentorship that will invest in your professional success, KPMG is the place for you.

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