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Justine Dzofonoo-Burch

Meet Justine - 2016 Summer intern.

Meet Justine - 2016 Summer intern.

2016 and 2017 Summer intern

I am currently working towards a Bachelor’s in cyber security networking at the New England Institute of Technology. My opportunity to intern with KPMG came after I read an article in the Royal Gazette by a senior manager at KPMG. In the article, he urged businesses to prepare for cyber breaches. I made the decision to contact HR and inquire about potential opportunities to learn more about upcoming cyber security seminars. I was encouraged to apply for the summer internship, and so I did.

In the 2016 and 2017 summer I was fortunate to have worked within compliance. Not only was I able to enhance my Microsoft Office skills, I was also able to assist with the Risk Compliance Program testing. This allowed me to see the importance of making sure that a company’s employees comply with the rules and regulations. Further to this, I gained a wealth of knowledge and other insightful tips from my performance manager. My goal is to become a local expert in Cyber Security. I also hope to encourage more young women to get involved in the realm of technology; it’s an exciting and growing space with boundless opportunities. I aim to work for one of Bermuda’s top firms, such as KPMG.

My advice to young people looking for opportunities to get a foot in the door is to network. Networking is helpful in various ways and allows individuals to gain a chance at understanding which careers are more beneficial when it comes to finding a job and having a successful career in Bermuda. 

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