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Clevon Cunningham

Meet Clevon: 2016 - 2017 Summer Intern

Meet Clevon: 2016 - 2017 Summer Intern

2016 - 2017 Summer Intern

I am currently a junior pursuing my Bachelors of Actuarial Science at St. John's University. I had the meaningful opportunity to work shadow an actuary at KPMG during the 2015 summer before my freshman year at university. I was introduced to the staff, learned more about the field, and even had the chance to do some sample actuary work. That experience led me to anxiously make the decision to intern with KPMG in Bermuda that following summer. 

For the past two summers (2016 & 2017), I interned in KPMG’s Advisory Department under the Financial Risk Management team. I specifically worked with the actuaries, and was able to see and learn more of what they do on a daily basis, which lead to the opportunity of doing the work myself. I specifically learned about different actuarial reserving methodologies, and had the chance to build a database. The KPMG internships have greatly improved my technical skills, specifically Microsoft Excel which is a frequent tool used by actuaries.  

My career goal is to become a fully qualified actuary one day, and I am already on the right track and on my way with having passed my first two actuary exams. My advice for anyone that is looking into a career in actuarial science is to understand that is a difficult, but very rewarding career path, especially in a business driven island like Bermuda. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my internships at KPMG for the past two summers. The people I worked with went
above and beyond to help me further my career.  I also like the different opportunities to meet other professionals that the internship provided, along with the hands on work experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the different lunch and learns, and found them to be very beneficial to enhance my knowledge of how a professional should carry themselves.

I would also encourage prospective actuarial students to acquire an internship, like the KPMG in Bermuda Summer Intern Program, as you get to be an integral part of the team of actuaries, just like you would be if you worked full time. 

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