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Asia Smith

Meet Asia, Summer Intern

Meet Asia, Summer Intern

Meet Asia

I currently attend Middlesex University pursing a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. To acquire more knowledge and skills in the field of accountancy I opted to take the opportunity to join KPMG summer internship programme in 2016 and 2017. I worked in the financial services department both years which enabled me to gain the theory, practical application, in-depth audit experience and on the job training that will enhance the development of my career.

The summer internship programme is structured in a way that not only provides relevant work experience but incorporates a pool of activities such as various Lunch and Learns and charitable projects that helps shape and guide the interns. The importance of the lunch and learns which is tailored towards communication, dressing, and dining etiquette is that it allows the interns to learn how to conduct their self in a professional setting. 

I am honored to have interned at KPMG as it gave me a better understanding of the career I have chosen to pursue and a better understanding of myself. The advice I would give to new upcoming interns is to be mentally prepared to work hard, make great impressions and grasp every opportunity that KPMG has to offer.

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