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Our Graduates: Jotessa Musson

Meet Jotessa Musson

Meet Jotessa Musson, Staff Accountant

Meet Jotessa Musson, Staff Accountant

Meet Jotessa

I began my journey with KPMG during December of 2014. I had an amazing introduction into the business by first learning about compliance. My supervisor at the time, showed me all the exciting aspects that forensic auditing can bring about and relating it to the activities that occur on a daily basis such as money laundering. It was this experience that led me to want to learn more about the business.

After three additional internships, KPMG offered me the opportunity to join the Graduate Program where I would continue my studies and gain experience, ultimately working towards becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The journey thus far has been rewarding as I have experienced a major learning curve in how to perform in this industry. Being a part of KPMG’s biggest client has taught me how to better manage my time, to take initiative and has given me the confidence when it comes to leading out with client matters.

KPMG provides an array of opportunities and an amazing foundation for recent graduates. Individuals who aspire to distinguish themselves in this field should strongly consider what KPMG has to offer.

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