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Meet Kate Gyorgy

Meet Kate: Audit Senior, Financial Services

I started my career with KPMG in Vancouver as a summer intern in 2013.

Meet Kate

I started my career with KPMG in Vancouver as a summer intern in 2013. I then started working there full time in January of 2014 followed by a move to KPMG Bermuda in September 2016.

I always knew that I wanted to work abroad and once I finished my CPA exams in Canada, I started looking into different global opportunities; Bermuda quickly became one of the top destinations that I wanted to explore further. The island lifestyle, the type of clients that we work with here and the fact that the office brings in people from all over the world were what appealed to me most about Bermuda.

Coming from an industrial markets background with no financial services experience I was also looking forward to learning about a new industry and working with new clients.

Starting the year with 28 fellow Seniors from all over the world and getting to know them and spend time with them during our two weeks of training was a great experience. I am really enjoying working with such a diverse and talented group of people at all levels.

If you are considering a move to KPMG in Bermuda, I recommend that you do your research but also don’t be afraid to take the leap! Great things might happen. 

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