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Our People: Kevin Hickey

Meet Kevin Hickey

Meet Kevin: Senior Manager, Tax

Meet Kevin: Senior Manager, Tax

Meet Kevin

My first job was an internship at a small CPA firm in Newport, Rhode Island, the town where I attended college. It was a small office with only two CPAs, but the practice had a number of high net worth tax clients, including some celebrities. This was what sparked my interest in individual income tax. I eventually worked for KPMG in Seattle before making the move with my family in August 2015 where I joined KPMG in Bermuda.

KPMG in Bermuda’s office offered the opportunity to work on Global Mobility Service (GMS) clients and high net worth individuals, which combined the two areas of tax that interest me most. In addition, because I was already working for the firm in the US, I already knew the firm’s culture and values which resonated with me and are shared by the Bermuda firm. KPMG in Bermuda also offers a diverse client base, where I am able to broaden my experience and work alongside professionals who are among the industry’s best. The experience I have gained working in the Tax department of KPMG in Bermuda is extraordinary. The financial services market here is so dynamic. In two short years, I have seen three clients go through merger transactions. One of my clients had two mergers in two years. Previously, I had only had a client undergo a major merger transaction once in my whole career. It has been eye opening working here, and the experience gained is invaluable.  For those up for the challenge, KPMG Bermuda offers an impressive array of big name clients and the rewarding work that goes along with them.

As a place to live, Bermuda is really tough to beat. Commuting times here are dramatically lower than in the States, so I have all of that time back with my family. Bermuda is a great combination of small town and global business center. There is easy access to world class beaches and the ability to pursue all sorts of outdoor recreation. Bermuda is also one of the friendliest, and most beautiful places I have ever encountered. I immediately felt welcomed, and really enjoy the culture here. The pink sandy beaches are breathtaking, and with the sub-tropical climate I have the ability to pursue all of my outdoor sports year round. 

An overseas assignment will without doubt yield countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. KPMG in Bermuda have a proven formula for taking on new staff and transforming them into highly successful, well rounded professionals. Island life, mixed with a challenging work environment, may be just the thing to propel your career forward. 

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