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Reaction Magazine: 20th edition

Reaction Magazine: 20th edition

It’s certainly been a tumultuous few months for the global economy, capped by the recent vote for ‘Brexit’ in the UK and the massive impact that has had on global stock and currency markets. While the long-term impacts remain unclear, the short-term impact is already driving volatility and uncertainty, both of which are likely to adversely impact business confidence and, consequently, investment.


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Reaction Magazine: 20th edition

We’ll have more on Brexit in later editions, but in this edition, we bring you a focus on the key trends in the personal care market — one of the chemical industry’s most important end markets — and look at how globalization and changing tastes for care products are providing massive opportunities for chemical producers. We also take a look at how chemical companies are deploying the latest data and analytics tools and techniques to gain business advantage.

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