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Driving innovation

Driving innovation

Constant instability and disruption demands an innovative response from organisations. Those who step up to the challenge find new ways to grow.

Constant instability and disruption demands an innovative response from organisations.

Organisations today face a market of constant instability and disruption due to significant changes in customer behaviours, technology, regulation and demographics. This presents an opportunity to find new ways to grow and also demands an innovative response from organisations, or risk losing market position and revenue to more forward thinking and agile competitors.

Successful innovation lies not just in generating ideas but in understanding the disruptions. It requires building an innovative culture with effective execution. This needs to be supported by a well-designed process to ensure the right ideas are uncovered and successfully brought to market.

Businesses that innovate effectively will have a greater opportunity to increase their profitability, productivity and develop a sustainable competitive advantage. They are more likely to employ, export and generate new products and services.

Our innovation journey

KPMG has invested significantly within our business to build and embed an innovative culture throughout our organisation. We want to challenge our people to find new ways to deliver services to clients and to create new sources of value for our clients.

Our own experience on the ‘innovation journey’ enables us to share unique insights and bring value to our clients to enhance their own innovation journey. In other words we ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to innovation which means we give better informed advice to our clients as they undertake their innovation journey.

Investing organically to incubate new services and building alliances changes the way we relate to our clients.

Investing in the innovation ecosystem

We are investing in the innovation ecosystem itself through building world-class and leading industry partnerships. We achieve this by partnering with local and global associations to support innovation research, thought leadership and insight as well as providing our clients with access to leading thinkers in the innovation space. 

These include:

  • An alliance with Artesian Venture Capital Fund to support the growth of Australian startup organisations. 
  • A partnership with Advance to deliver a rapid growth entrepreneur program — elevate61 — for startups to expand their market and funding to the US. 
  • Sponsorship of Silicon Dragon Ventures, which was formed in 2010 as a venture capital and entrepreneur network across Asia, Australia and New York. 
  • KPMG is a global sponsor of WeWork which provides space, community, and services for entrepreneurs and startups to activate their business ambition. It enables entrepreneurs to work with like-minded people in a supported and dynamic environment.

How we can help

KPMG understands the drivers and forces that are driving businesses to innovate. We know and appreciate the type of disruption occurring in each sector and the impacts and opportunity this pace of change creates.

By assisting our clients to future proof their businesses and take advantage of the latest in innovative thinking, KPMG enables innovation to become an integral part of our clients’ business strategy.

We do this by combining our industry knowledge and experience with our innovative approaches to deliver value for our clients.

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