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Tsvetelina Dimitrova

Tsvetelina Dimitrova

Broadening your horizons is all about opening yourself to new experiences and learning constantly.

Tsvetelina shares how her first-job experience worked out for her.

Tsvetelina Dimitrova, Junior Audit Assistant shares how her first-job experience worked out for her and what it was like to talk to young people looking for a job themselves.

“I recently had the opportunity to be an ambassador for KPMG at the Career Days in Sofia where I met a lot of people looking for work and heard about their expectations for their first job. I was able to talk to candidates in a more casual environment and it was great to see their enthusiasm. The people who came to our stand were eager to find out about KPMG, and about the opportunities to start working with us. I was able to share with them my first-hand recruitment experience.  

Finding a job can be hard work. I never attended an event like this when I was looking for internship opportunities but it would have been very useful to do so. Two years ago I had no job-seeking experience and it was not easy to find my way in the sea of information. I researched career sites and that’s how I found out about KPMG’s internship programme. I also researched the corporate website which provided further details and some helpful interview tips.  

I started as a trainee in the Audit department and now I’m a first-year Junior Audit Assistant. The internship programme was very useful because, when I started it, I had a limited idea what the audit profession is. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the audit process and you get a lot of practical knowledge and experience. The programme enables the trainees to assess whether they would like to develop as auditors. KPMG offers an opportunity to start in a full-time position after the end of the programme and this is a great advantage for those who have decided to start a career in audit.

The good thing about being an auditor is that you are constantly learning. Every audit presents you with new situations and challenges. There is always more to learn and plenty of ways to develop. So it is definitely a profession that provides personal growth opportunities.  

When I started work at KPMG, a colleague of mine told me “Audit is awesome!” and now, a year and a half later, I can confirm this. My advice to young people making their first career choice would be to look for a company which will give them opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Your first job is really important because it sets the base for your future career and builds you as a professional. And KPMG is definitely the right place for young people who are motivated to constantly develop and grow.” 

12 March 2015

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