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Ivan Andonov

Ivan Andonov

Being motivated to succeed can also mean helping your colleagues to develop and grow.

Being motivated to succeed can also mean helping your colleagues to develop and grow.

Ivan Andonov

Ivan Andonov, Senior Manager, Audit, talks about his career development and the importance of learning, both through training and from role models.

“I started in KPMG as a junior assistant in the office in Varna. It was my first “serious” full-time job after graduating from university. It still makes me feel funny when I remember my first contact with KPMG. After completing the online form for graduates, I decided to go to the office in Varna and see why things were not happening as quickly as I would like. When I got there, I was greeted by a lady who asked me, “How can I help you?” So I voiced my complaint and I asked her to clarify the recruitment process.  I was then invited to go through the standard recruitment procedure and I was lucky to join KPMG. 

The most confusing thing for me afterwards was to find out that the lady I had spoken to was the managing partner. You cannot change the past but you can work on the future. 

My first years in the Varna office greatly helped me to grow as a professional. We were a small team and the communication with all my colleagues was very easy and friendly, which helped me to develop as a confident person. 

A milestone in my personal development was when, in my third year, I was given the opportunity to be an internal trainer. I accepted it as a reward for my strong commitment and constant efforts to increase my professional knowledge. 

Gradually, I became more and more engaged in providing a wide range of audit training. Being a trainer allows me not only to advance personally but to help younger colleagues to build their knowledge and competence. 

What attracted me to the audit profession the most was the challenge of finding the right decisions in complex business cases and working with clients so that they may follow the true and fair view in their financial reporting. With this in mind, I took another step forward in my career and became a Bulgarian registered auditor. 

My training experience led me to another landmark when, a couple of years ago, I was entrusted to work with an international team on the development and application of the KPMG Audit Methodology. These interactions made me realize that even in the current complex, dynamic and ever more demanding environment we continue to be committed to delivering high quality work, and to resist all external factors which get in the way. 

Based on my experience, I continue to believe that everyone at KPMG is committed to high quality work and professional development and is a very good team player. As part of the management team, I am positive and not afraid of the challenges we are constantly facing because I know that we are a great team of professionals and together we can achieve great things. 

Looking back, I see that the people who helped me to grow as a professional are still my role models and my trusted mentors. At the same time, I am trying to pass on the positive experience I had and to be a trusted coach for younger colleagues. All this makes me feel that KPMG is a great place; it is my place.” 

20 March 2015

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