Albena Alexandrova

Albena Alexandrova

Albena shares the exciting opportunities KPMG has offered such as an international assignment and qualification studies.

Albena shares the exciting opportunities KPMG has offered.

Albena is an outstanding ACCA student: she is a top scorer in all examination sessions.

In December 2014, for example, she achieved the highest result in Bulgaria and 12th worldwide placing in one of the papers.

“This winter is coming to an end leaving me with memories of practicing my old hobby, snowboarding, and also of my first attempts at skiing: mostly successful and inspiring, but still sometimes involving falling in the snow. To me, this is life: applying your current knowledge and experience and, at the same time, constantly developing, facing new challenges, enhancing your skills, sometimes falling, but in the end, feeling the sense of achievement and the thrill of facing what each new day has to offer. Such is also my story at KPMG.

I started work at KPMG a year after graduating from university. I was searching for a place where I could apply and expand my knowledge, gain experience in complex projects and solve complicated business cases.

I joined the Tax department and, in particular, the VAT team. At first, I did not know what exactly to expect from my job at KPMG. One may think that what you need to know is that VAT in Bulgaria is 20 percent. However, the world of taxes turned out to be interesting and full of complicated international aspects which had to be considered when analysing different business cases. I found out that the whole EU VAT system has an elaborate internal logic and I felt fascinated every time I applied it to complicated scenarios.

After a year with the firm, I found out that KPMG supported ACCA studies. I expressed my desire to start studying for the qualification because I was willing to expand my knowledge in order to get the bigger picture of the functioning of a business and of the accounting and managerial aspects of running a company. I received full support from the partners and my expectations were even surpassed as the programme turned out to be very exciting, challenging and enriching.Gradually, as I gained more experience, I started to feel the routine of the work. From time to time, I was wondering if that was all KPMG could offer. However, it turned out to be just the beginning as another stimulating opportunity presented itself at KPMG.I had always wanted to live abroad, both from a professional and from a personal perspective and discussed this with my performance manager.

I had the opportunity to go on a six-month international assignment to KPMG in Germany. I embraced it with excitement.

The business aim was to gain experience in VAT Process and Technology projects, an area which is currently developing in Bulgaria and is becoming increasingly important at EU level. My experience was amazing, both in terms of participating in and gaining knowledge about multifaceted projects and work processes, and in terms of becoming familiar with the local culture (including how to win the Football World Cup in 2014) and meeting some really nice people who became my friends.

Now that I am back at KPMG in Bulgaria, I am enthusiastic about applying my new knowledge and international experience to local VAT Process and Technology projects. And I am also excited to see what lies ahead and to explore further opportunities at KPMG.”

26 March 2015


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