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How to increase tax benefits by making your company more sustainable?

Increase tax benefits by increasing sustainability

Discovering the opportunities for your company through sustainability.

Discovering the opportunities for your company through sustainability.


There is a growing call for sustainability; industrial companies nowadays are encouraged to invest in ecological and energy-saving technologies through a number of tax and financial incentives such as: 

  • Increased investment deduction 
  • Fading out of immovable withholding tax on industrial equipment 
  • Engine power tax exemptions 
  • Sector specific subsidizations

In light of these incentives, as well as the sector specific taxation, it is essential for industrial companies to take the right approach and follow up their investments.

KPMG Approach

  • Quick scan: Our experts will screen the company in the area of industrial incentives and make an analysis of the current situation and the actions required to fully benefit from the optimization potential.
  • Optimization: In addition to globally mapping the situation regarding industrial taxes, KPMG can also assist with the: 
    • Optimization of technical inventory and/or list of tangible fixed assets 
    • Regularization, negotiations with the tax administrations, preparation of protest letters, etc. 
    • Application for the ecology premium, increased investment deduction and sector specific subsidizations 
  • Internal training: To prepare companies for the KPMG Optimization Methodology, KPMG provides effective internal training and development. Using real life examples, problems, and challenges, we will make sure that every participant thoroughly understands a topic and enable them to train others.


  • Maximize tax and financial incentives
  • Cash savings

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