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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Implement your ERP system effectively to maximize the value it offers.

Implement your ERP system effectively to maximize the value it offers.

When implementing an ERP system an organization should seek a balance across four dimensions: risk and compliance, process optimization, organization and people, and technology.

Addressing these dimensions – and helping to improve an organization’s return on its investment – is how KPMG’s Enterprise Solutions team can help. We provide total lifecycle guidance and support to clients that undertake an ERP implementation. We help clients navigate through each stage of the ERP project, assisting with ways to help maximize the potential business value.


Challenges companies are facing:

  • Inefficiency and decentralization within business processes
  • Managing risk and compliance
  • Maintaining application support compliance
  • Increase visibility across the enterprise
  • Taking advantage of improved application functionality
  • Address global requirements and standards


How we can help:

  • IT Tax optimization
  • Finance and P2P process optimization
  • Business process controls designs and integration
  • Client side advisory
  • Vendor selection and IT strategy assistance


Benefits of working with KPMG:

Because KPMG is objective and impartial, we can take a more holistic approach to the implementation lifecycle. We help you:

  • Leverage project benefits
  • Reduce risks

As part of our impartial role we are best positioned to provide quality assurance over large ERP projects to assess initial and ongoing project activities, with a view to improve the work in progress and increase the likelihood that the project will be successful and enable the organizations to reach higher business goals.


Our Approach:

KPMG leverages ERP functionality for better optimization of processes and business performance by:

  • Providing the organization with timely, accurate information
  • Providing guidance to ensure a better planned and managed implementation

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