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KPMG’s People and Change team focuses on the human capabilities in the organization and helps clients develop strategies to take up this challenge.

KPMG’s People and Change team focuses on the human capabilities in the organization.

Agile workforce and organizations in a ever faster changing world

Employees today are looking for more flexibility, and it is key that HR departments offer a delivery model that can meet the needs of all their employees. This means taking into consideration the needs of multiple generations of employees, and employees from different cultural backgrounds as our workforces become more global. We are seeing an increase in virtual workspaces, flexible work arrangements, and more cross-border working. Policies and programs need to adapt to take these situations into account.


Scarcity of talent and need for talent management

Most companies know that at the heart of its business are its people, and in a market where we see continual talent scarcity, this can present a growing threat for many companies. Companies need to make sure the skills and competencies needed are clearly identified, and there needs to be open to new approaches when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. A large part of this is the focus on talent development and employee engagement through effective communication.


Changing technology and the need for HR to transform its role and delivery model

Even though the focus of HR is on the people, technology is playing an increasingly important role. From the connectivity expected by employees in today's world, to the reach of recruitment campaigns on social media and other channels, to using new software and data to gain insights and meet ROI. Companies need to be looking at how they can use technology to gain more value for their HR department and their employees.


Use of HR data and analytics in order to drive business results

Data and analytics can help your HR department keep tract of metrics, benchmark goals, and align with business requirements. The use of this data can help you understand where in your talent-related business challenges changes need to be made and it can help increase the number of applicants by allowing you to understand talent data. It is time to start using data and insights in your HR department to not only analyze the past, but to help you start predicting the future.

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