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Facility management structure

Define your quick wins with a quick scan.

Define your quick wins with a quick scan.

Client Challenge

As a result of structural changes the client decided to implement a professional Facility Management structure within the organization. To accomplish this, a facility manager was appointed and a team was created. As the new facility management team didn’t have previous experience the client asked KPMG to perform a quick scan of their facilities and the facility management framework that was set in place.

Our solution

Complying with the client’s whishes a project plan was created which included interviews with stakeholders and visits to the administrative and operational workplaces. With the stakeholders’ views on the current facility management, their wishes for a future system and the on-site experience an analysis was executed. All aspects of the facility management organization were rated and a SWOT-analysis was performed, accompanied by a list of ready to implement recommendations.

Our contribution

Critical long-term action points were listed and categorized in three sections:

  • Organization

How does the organization need to adapt to successfully carry out their Facility Management? Which different organization structures are possible? Should the organization perform the facility management in-house or should the client outsource the facility management activities?

  • People

What skills are necessary to be a facility manager? Which training possibilities are available?

  • Technology

Which technologies are available to assist the facility manager? How does the client find the most fitting technology package?

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