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Fixing a business

Fixing a business

When you need to fix operational or financial issues and improve performance, our specialists help you prioritize issues and focus on the right path.

Our team of specialists helps you prioritize issues and focus on the right path.

In this rapidly changing environment, every company faces challenges. A step in the wrong direction can sometimes have significant effects on corporate performance and company value. Whether overcoming operational or financial challenges to improve performance or developing a practical insolvency plan, our team is here to take you step by step to make sure you find the most value in turning your business around.


Solvency Solutions

  • Distressed corporates: How serious is the problem?
  • Insolvency planning: What are my options?
  • Commencing insolvency: What needs to happen when my company is in formal protection process?
  • Implementation: How do I maximize value?
  • Exiting a formal process: How do my company get back to normal?



  • Option identification: How can I quickly and effectively assess my options?
  • Stabilization: How can I stabilize the business and assess its financial position?
  • Turnaround strategy: What are the financial paybacks of the various options?
  • Execution: How do I ensure full delivery of the turnaround plan?
  • Value realization: What risks and costs are associated with each path, including contingency plans?


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