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Fast-tracking Blockchain

Fast-tracking Blockchain

Fast-tracking Blockchain

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that allows safe transactions over the internet without one or several middlemen to guarantee the trust in the transaction.

It thus allows – among other things – to streamline existing processes where different parties are involved and enables the collaboration of parties, even when these parties have conflicting interests.

Key characteristics

The design of a blockchain brings interesting characteristics, such as the ability to build a reliable chain of custody, sharing information between independent parties and automating processes without the burden of after-the-fact verifications. Key use cases that can be unlocked include:

  • Better management of individual’s private data
  • Offer alternative funding mechanisms
  • Rationalization of middlemen
  • Improved supply chain transparency
  • Simplification and autonomy of business processes

What are the benefits?

Blockchain applications will differ by use case, each leveraging the technology for a range of benefits; mainly reduced costs, improved data security or further automation.

Operational simplification

Blockchain solves data disputes by providing a single historical version of the truth.

Regulatory efficiency

Blockchain enables real-time activity monitoring between stakeholders, ensuring legality, security and stability of markets.

Guaranteed process execution

Blockchain allows for higher process integrity by guaranteeing the execution of agreements between independent parties.

Faster transactions validation

As certain third-party validations are disintermediated, transaction settlement is accelerated.

Fraud minimization

Blockchain provides a single source of truth; reducing information asymmetry

Higher data security and quality

Validation of new information via cryptographic processes allows for better data integrity and better resilience to attacks.

Blockchain roadmap

The Blockchain fast-track program

Our Blockchain fast-track program helps you to realize the potential of blockchain for your organization by delivering a pragmatic proof-of concept, tailored to your needs. In addition, you can expect:

  • An overview of relevant use cases
  • A business case detailing the advantages of a reallifeapplication of blockchain for your organization
  • An implementation roadmap, based on animpact assessment with a clear prioritization
  • A working proof-of-concept

How can KPMG help

  • Deep business and process expertise, built over the years
  • You benefit from a global network and you can rely on our valued third-parties to provide tailored approaches
  • You have access to fast-track programs, including some unique accelerators:
    • Benefit from our Blockchain-as-a-Service platform for faster development
    • Access to our use cases selection framework
    • Project and program management expertise for meeting your objectives.

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