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BEPS Action 13: Latest country implementation update

BEPS Action 13

BEPS Action 13

Updated weekly, this summary report in table format offers a snapshot of implementation of country-by-country (CbC) reporting and Master file / Local file documentation requirements around the world.

Updates for the week ending 10 August 2018 include...

  • Bahamas: A bill concerning the country-by-country (CbC) reporting requirements has been approved by the lower house, and is pending before the Senate. If enacted, the CbC reporting rules would have an effective date of 1 January 2018.
  • Belgium: Master file filing details were added to the KPMG summary.
  • Colombia: The CbC notification requirements were updated on the KPMG summary.
  • Isle of Man: The government released a guide explaining how to prepare the CbC report using the XML schema. The KPMG summary thus has been updated.
  • Kenya: CbC reporting requirements were introduced in draft legislation.
  • New Zealand: CbC reporting requirements would have an effective date of 1 July 2018. The KPMG summary has been updated. 
  • Nigeria: There is new guidance on CbC reporting, and the CbC notification form and details have been added to the KPMG summary.
  • Peru: There are new regulations on CbC reporting and transfer pricing documentation. The KPMG summary has been updated to reflect these changes.

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