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Klarafestival 2018 awaits you with amazing performances!

Klarafestival 2018 awaits you

This year’s theme of the Klarafestival “Alles wieder gut”, is a quote from a song by Gustav Mahler. It is a call, an appeal: dare to dream, dare to long for and dare to start working on a better world! All of the visionary composers featured for the Klarafestival 2018 heeded the call for optimism and their music serves as a reminder of our own call.


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Klarafestival 2018 awaits you with amazing performances!

KPMG meets Klara

At KPMG we are convinced that each of us has the potential to express our passion in new ways that bring a flavor of innovation to our future. In the same way, the Klarafestival 2018 will be a tribute to imagination, to inspiration and to the human creative capacity.

Klarafestival is a high-quality international music festival that, based on a western classical music repertoire, dares to modernize. Music, as business, evolves and moves into the digital age.

Drawing from its Brussels identity as a foundation, Klarafestival is building a bridge to the outside world and is doing so locally (Brussels), nationally (Flanders and Wallonia) and internationally with the goal of enriching people’s lives. KPMG is active on the same international stage, whether as a global company or by helping companies wishing to export abroad.

Klarafestival has defined itself as an international music festival through its artistic collaborations, the international target audience in attendance in Brussels, and its multimedia connection with public broadcasting and the EBU.

KPMG’s choice

This year, we have chosen to support two key musical moments of the festival:

  • Mahler 9, Mahler’s overwhelming tribute to the world (15/03, Bozar, 20:00)
    Mahler’s Symphony No. 9 is a stunning ode to this world, and it exceeds this world at the same time. From each note speak passion and yearning, emotional impulses and nervousness. Before this great masterpiece, the internationally renowned Orchestre de Paris, conducted by chief conductor Daniel Harding, and Antoine Tamestit will perform the Belgian première of Jörg Widmann’s Viola Concerto.

  • In C Mali, Compelling minimalism 2.0 with Africa Express (29/03, Autoworld, 20:00)
    Cult music from the last century written by the last people you’d expect from the world of classical music and from pop and rock, that’s the concept of In C mali. With cocktail in hand, in the impressive Autoworld Museum hall in the Jubelpark/Cinquantenaire, you’ll enjoy the music of two minimalist icons, version 2.0. The stars of the Berlin ensemble st a r g a z e, the indie band Poliça from New York and the British collective Africa Express set to work together with Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich and In C by Terry Riley.

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