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Alumni survey results

Alumni survey results

Earlier this year we sent out a survey to our alumni.


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Earlier this year we sent out a survey to our alumni. More than 7200 of you answered worldwide – providing us insight on:

  • KPMG in the marketplace
  • As a service provider
  • As an employer

The detail

KPMG Alumni are true ambassadors for our company. 80% of respondents have recommended KPMG as a service provider and/or as an employer and 90% of Belgian alumni are happy to be associated with our company. 

An impressive 95% had a positive experience when working here and believe their time has had a positive effect on their career. 42% would consider coming back to KPMG.

We recognize that we don’t communicate often enough with our alumni. Half of you don’t hear from us every year, one third have quarterly contact with us. We will focus on engaging more with alumni through communications, business and social events.

‘Reputation and a respected brand’ are of most importance to our professionals when looking for an employer. ‘Values based and inclusive culture’ is the 2nd most important factor. Whilst at KPMG, gaining professional qualifications is high and understandably less so once qualified. The most noticeable point of importance when looking for a new employer is flexible working hours.

See the pdf attached for a visual depiction of these results. 

What now?

Alumni Platform

We haven’t sat idle since we got the results from the survey. We’re creating a website for Belgian alumni, where we will be able to ensure greater liaison with you and centralize useful information. Here we’ll inform you about news from the firm and share our knowledge and insights on a regular basis. We will focus on engaging with alumni more frequently through communications, business and social events.

Alumni committee

We are bringing together a group of engaged alumni and internal sector experts to form a committee. This alumni committee will offer advice and oversee that we keep sharing content of interest with the network.


The central pillar for our future at KPMG lies in our belief that our people are extraordinary. And so while we continue to invest in their technical and leadership skills, we also want our people to be happy and healthy as well. Today, thanks to input from a broad range of stakeholders, we have developed a number of initiatives which we hope will help our employees know that they matter and that their investment and energy counts.

In a collaborative initiative between Corporate HR and Facilities, we have rolled out a dedicated focus on improved mobility options and provide an engaging and productive office space. We have also launched a remote-working plan and have broadened our sports initiatives to include “vitality” opportunities. Our flexible cafeteria plan has been strengthened over the last three years since the initial launch and we are proud to have just this year initiated an Inclusion & Diversity workgroup as well as Well-Being at work.
All of this is just a part of the picture. We continue to ensure that our clients stay front and center and that we deliver on our promise and keep the public’s trust. We are eager to continue on this CSR journey and to share more with you in the future.


We’re proud to see that our alumni are real ambassadors for KPMG. We look forward to increasing our efforts to connect with you and hope that you will benefit from the opportunities of the network.


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