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Pharmaceutical outlook 2030: From evolution to revolution

Pharmaceutical outlook 2030

Pharmaceutical companies need to radically change to survive and thrive in 2030.


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We believe pharmaceutical revenues will fall well short of forecasts, based on current projections. We also find that current business and operating models do not reflect the turbulence in the marketplace.

Two seismic shifts are impacting the industry: the need to demonstrate value from therapies; and the move from treatment to prevention (diagnostics and cure) all of which is bringing in a host of new competitors.

To rise to this challenge executive teams need to choose which of the following three ‘archetypes’ they want their organisation to become:

  1. Active pharmaceutical portfolio company
  2. Virtual value chain orchestrator
  3. Pharmaceutical niche specialist

Those pharmaceutical companies that manage to embrace the most appropriate archetypes, and master disruption, have the greatest chance to deliver real value to patients and be successful in the new, disrupted world.

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