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Journey to the Cloud

Journey to the Cloud

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Since its inception ten years ago, cloud computing has expanded and evolved into one of the biggest paradigm shifts in the computer age.

Almost all the digital disruption that is occurring today has some form of cloud computing at its core. The availability of very low-cost, on-demand, and easily provisioned Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has all but rendered obsolete the need for many organizations to build and operate their own data centers.

The recent Harvey Nash /KPMG CIO Survey confirmed this journey to the cloud with the clear majority of respondents planning to make significant investments in cloud services, especially in Platform as a Service (PaaS) which has lagged the other two, primarily due to its higher degree of complexity and relative immaturity.

For many organizations, implementing cloud computing and getting value from it are not necessarily synonymous. The diversity of legacy estates, technical debt, and growing number of available cloud services and delivery options (public, private, hybrid) creates a level of complexity in decision-making and implementation that is challenging at best and presents a barrier at worst.

In this publication we share a view of the current cloud market, consider the potential benefits and barriers to cloud adoption, and provide recommendations for CIOs to help successfully navigate the current cloud environment and realize value from their cloud investments.

Key takeaways

  • Cloud computing is now the preferred computing model for most technology enablement
  • However, for most large enterprises, this implies a hybrid (public, private, on premise) environment for many years
  • Orchestrating hybrid environments is difficult and complex, while the tools and processes are immature and evolving
  • Keys to cloud value are having a holistic, enterprise-wide strategy, effective cloud governance integrated with IT governance, and an integrated consumption platform to provide easy access to cloud services and manage their operations

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