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Agile Project Delivery

Agile Project Delivery

Two-thirds of projects are not successful. How do you increase project success in a hybrid world?


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Effective project and program management is key to realizing an organization’s strategy. Over the years delivering these projects has been challenging, as evidenced in many surveys, including KPMG’s 2012 Project and program management survey. The average success rate for (IT) projects in the market appears to be around one in three.

In our survey, we queried 62 organizations in both the Belgian and Dutch markets on their adoption of agile project delivery as well as their struggles and success factors with it. This publication gives an overview of the outcomes of the survey, as well as some key insights on the transition experienced by the respondents. 

A few key statistics to come out of the study:

  • 76% Consider organizational maturity as a top three challenge in the agile transition
  • 63% Admit that the maturity of their agile project management is significantly lower than their traditional project management

Four key insights:

  1. Being in control of agile projects
  2. Changing the role of the project manager
  3. Managing for value
  4. Adapting project portfolio management

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