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Collaboration between humans and technology is creating a new labor class

Collaboration between humans and technology

The Technology Industry Outlook reflects perspectives from 138 CEOs about strategic priorities, revenue, growth, economic expectations, investments, risk concerns, and other industry trends.


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Emerging technologies are reshaping all industries to the point that most companies will become software companies, blurring the lines between product, service, and industry categories. The most successful companies will be those that can most effectively prioritize and monetize emerging technology opportunities as part of their overall company strategy and take advantage of new cross-industry collaboration and partnerships.

This survey looks at the top strategic priorities of CEOs in the tech industry in the United States. Digitization of their business, increased customer focus, implementation of disruptive technologies all remain high in the list of priorities, and minimizing cyber risk is seen as being important throughout all of these themes. 

Read the full survey to dive further into how disruptive technologies and new business models are constantly triggering the reevaluation of business value. What does this mean for technology and non-technology companies in the future? How will the technology landscape evolve? 

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