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Evolving insurance risk and regulation: Preparing for the future

Evolving insurance risk and regulation

2016 Evolving Insurance Risk and Regulation: Preparing for the future explores the major regulatory developments...

Evolving insurance risk and regulation and the industry impacts

Our annual report, Evolving Insurance Regulation has evolved! Now in our 6th year, we are introducing ‘risk’ to the publication title reflecting the significant impact that regulatory regimes are having, and will continue to have, on risk disciplines within insurers. In addition, this year’s report will be published as a series of chapters starting with an overview of the latest international developments and a chapter on conduct risk. New chapters will be published monthly between June and November, concluding with the results of our risk and regulatory benchmark survey. The survey results will be launched alongside the International Association of Insurance Supervisors annual conference, this year in Paraguay.

The first chapter, International developments dominate regulatory change, sets the tone for the major regulatory themes happening globally including the international core principles (ICPs), Comframe for internationally active insurance groups (IAIGs) and impacts on global systemically important insurers (G-SIIs). The insights are based on discussion with our member firms’ clients, our professionals’ assessment of key regulatory developments and through our links with policy bodies in each region. The second chapter, Conduct Risk: Increasing regulatory focus to align product, customer and value offers insights on industry developments by region with commentary on how regulators are driving change to align products and customers

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