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Belgian Specialized Real Estate Investment Fund (B-Sreif)

Belgian Specialized Real Estate Investment Fund

Based on currently available information the vehicle, referred to as “Sreif”, promises to offer an interesting tool for investments in real estate and affiliated products. Some planning, e.g. at the level of transfer taxes, however seems required to avoid drawbacks.


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Examples of situations where Sreif could be an interesting tool:

  • Operational corporations with real estate holdings: Sreif may allow to unlock (part of) the value of the real estate without losing control over the assets. 
  • As hub for pan European real estate portfolios.

As vehicle to tax efficiently structure privately held real estate portfolios.


Expected legal framework

The vehicle is expected to be introduced as one of the investment platforms governed by the Act of April 19th, 2014, implementing the Directive 2011/61/EU on Alternative Investment Fund Managers into Belgian legislation.

For more information, download our white paper (PDF 354,4kb)


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