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What are the possible economic consequences of Brexit for your company?

Economic consequences of Brexit for your company

The United Kingdom has voted. And the majority voted against the EU.


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What questions are haunting the minds of your stakeholders? Investors might want to know how much Brexit will cost their company. As a Director you are probably wondering which laws and regulations might change or disappear, and how that will affect your business and lobbying. And what are the possible economic consequences of Brexit for your company? To get a clearer view on the challenges ahead, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself the following questions, especially if you have key customers, suppliers, or business units in the United Kingdom:


  • What impact does Brexit have on customers and suppliers?
  • How will any resulting political or economic volatility influence your business?
  • How does this volatility influence your workforce?
  • What are the consequences of a Brexit for any financial arrangements?
  • To what extent can your company rely on EU trade agreements or warranties regarding the United Kingdom? How much will this cost you?
  • How much is your company focusing on EU obligations regarding the United Kingdom? What will this cost?
  • What are the consequences of the disappearance of EU laws or guidelines for potential partners or units in the United Kingdom? How does that affect the reporting requirements for your company? What will it cost?

Good preparation ensures that you can envision both the risks and the opportunities. To help you with this, KPMG UK has launched an online forum that gives you access to the expertise of KPMG in areas such as: people and migration, taxation, regulation, and risks. This online resource contains various publications and videos related to the effects of Brexit, such as:


  • The economic impact of a Brexit (by Yael Selfin, KPMG's Chief Economist)
  • Brexit in the Boardroom - the role of internal audit
  • Key questions for Audit Committees

You can subscribe for the online forum on the following link:

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