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Global Manufacturing Outlook: There will be winners and losers

There will be winners and losers

Manufacturers are highly focused on achieving new growth. And many expect to be aggressive in their search for new opportunities. Yet with limited baseline growth expected in most markets, manufacturers will need to either invest into new technologies in order to ‘grow the pie’ or resort to a brutal competitive fight to steal market share away from rivals. The only certainty is that there will be winners and losers.


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Focus on growth

Every company wants profitable growth. But according to our data, today’s manufacturers are much more focused on driving new growth than ever before. 

“Everyone says they expect to grow their market share and everyone says they plan to be aggressive in their strategies, yet there are no indications that the size of the market is going to increase dramatically over the coming years. There are going to be really fierce competitions fought over every scrap of market share available and there will certainly be winners and losers.”

- Doug Gates 

How they are doing it

Manufacturers plan to make significant and often fundamental changes to their business in order to drive future growth. More than 80 percent say they expect to change the range of products and/or services they offer over the next 2 years and 92 percent say they expect to enter new geographic markets to drive growth.

“From automakers investing into mobility platforms to defense contractors investing into commercial cyber security services, manufacturers are looking for ways to remain relevant to their customers while defending against potential disruptors and disruptive business models in their core sectors.”

- Tom Mayor

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