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Five levels of GBS maturity

Five levels of GBS maturity

Each of the 10 dimensions must be analyzed to assess their level of maturity along a spectrum from basic to advanced.


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The higher the level of maturity, the greater the company’s ability to deliver business services in a seamless, global and integrated way (see figure below). Organizations are assessed according to their position in five levels maturity:

Level 1: Fragmented

Service delivery is decentralized and processes, functions and technology are duplicated. There is little central control and services are ‘pushed’ to the internal clients, rather than being driven by demand.

Level 2: Sub-scaled

The delivery of services is consolidated to achieve economies of scale in the provision of highly transactional services. Some services are shared and outsourced, usually for single functions and regions.

Level 3: Scaled

Services are delivered across multiple functions but the silos remain in place. Processes, technology and governance of business services are not fully standardized.

Level 4: Integrated

Multi-functional services are delivered seamlessly from one end of the enterprise to the other across several channels that are managed through an integrated, outcome-oriented governance structure. At this stage, GBS is able to provide analytic services to the enterprise, as well as expert advice on a range of important business issues, such as compliance, innovation and agility.

Level 5: Strategic

Multi-functional services are delivered across the enterprise. Processes, technology and governance are supplied across several channels. Internal capabilities support the delivery of services via a single contact point.

KPMG’s five levels of GBS maturity

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