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KAVE ecosystem unlocks the potential of Big Data

KAVE ecosystem unlocks the potential of Big Data

Building blocks for scalable, manageable and cost-efficient data analysis


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Big data

Through complete use of your own data, you generate value; for people, for society, for customers, for businesses and governments.

The first step lies in overcoming obstacles common to many organizations, to easily unlock the value of your data, external data, and to develop new applications. KAVE forms the heart of a new ‘Big Data ecosystem’, removing practical obstacles, allowing quick, easy and consistent Big Data analysis.

The amount of data available to us is growing exponentially. With that growth comes ever greater possibilities to create value through data analysis. It is not a coincidence that ‘Big Data’ is currently such a topic of interest (even if there is also a fair amount of scepticism about it), since the accurate analysis of large amounts of data from various sources can help us to progress and innovate radically. The areas where Big Data may lead to significant advances vary from simple file reductions to optimising environmental systems in offices and tailor-made consumer promotions, even on to more focused cancer tumour treatments.

We are at the start of a great journey: the most valuable applications still have to appear.


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